Amsterdam Gay Cruising at Prinsengracht

Amsterdam Gay Cruising at Prinsengracht – Public Urinal

Lunchtime druing the day, between 13:00 and 15:00h. In the noon/evening – after sunset. This place used to be very popular for a quicky.
During the eveinings, there is even a posibility for more then a handjob/quick blowjob. The area is quiet enough and there are often cars parked infront for an extra disguise.
Where and how:
You can wait outside and usually an eye contact is enough! If you are waiting in one of the cabins inside and you are not quite sure about the other person, there is a small hall. If the person is wanking or playing with his dick, there is no need to hesitate!
Beware of:
Quite a daring place, but this is why it is fun! Do not forget that this is a public toilet. If there is a person waiting for a while to use the WC while you are inside waiting for a shag, you will look suspicious…