Indoor gay cruising at the toilets of Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Gay Cruising at Schiphol Airport

Schiphol is one of the busiest airports in the world. There are quite a few offices in the neighborhood and many people travel by train trough Schiphol on a daily basis. The cruising is usually happening in the toilets. The toilets at Schiphol airport are probably the ONLY free of charge and without attendant indoor toilets left in The Netherlands.

If you are catching a flight and if you already passed trough the security/passport control, then you can use Grindr or Scruff to arrange a date, as there isn’t a specified place where you can cruise for guys.

If you are staying in a hotel at Schiphol and you can host a date, then we advice you to publish an advert few days in advance on Craigslist (men seeking men or casual encounters sections). Using the dating apps helps too.

But the best way to meet guys remains the real time cruising in the toilets!

The best time is after hours (16:30 till 18:30) during the weekdays. There are also some guys, who are cruising during their lunch break (12:00 till 13:30). The place has huge potential between 7:00 and 8:30 in the morning, but so far not much is happening at that time. During the weekend the best time is between 12:30 and 16:00, but usually it is not as busy as the weekdays.

Go to the toilet situated next to train platform 5 and 6 at Schiphol Plaza. This is a small toilet with 3 cabins and 6 urinals. Pretend that you are using one of the urinals. Usually an eye contact is enough to get the impression that somebody is interested in you. When you make a contact, move to another, quieter toilet, where you can enjoy each other.

In the past all the cruising used to happen at a very small and quiet toilet, situated in the baggage lockers section. Apparently the place became so popular that the cleaning staff couldn’t properly execute their functions anymore and the place was reported to the security authorities. A  few days later the toilet was closed permanently.

BEWARE: The main priority at Schiphol airport is the security! Hanging at a certain place for a long period may attract the attention of the Airport Security Authorities. I’ve been searched by uniformed policemen a few times. I’ve also been asked by an undercover Schiphol security agent, why am I standing at a certain place so long (Uuuh, that was such a handsome and hot moroccan guy). The best experience ever, was when a 45+ woman, wearing old clothes came to me and started a conversation about God. Using the religion as an excuse to ask questions, she was trying to find more information about me. Later I spotted her going trough her stuff where I saw a radio, same as the once used by the security at the airport…

last update:  23/04/2013 at 19:09